Industrial Accidents

Certain industrial activities involving dangerous substances have the potential to cause accidents. Some of these accidents may cause serious injuries to people or damage to the environment. Much has been done to help prevent industrial accidents and to minimise their effects.

The South Wales Police area is not considered more at risk than any other part of the country.

Work is being carried out in the area to identify hazardous sites which have the potential to cause an incident affecting the local community. Protocols have been put in place for some sites and other critical locations that may have a great impact on the community if an emergency incident were to occur.

What you need to do

Be aware if you have received specific emergency instructions from a neighbouring industrial site and endeavour to follow those instructions and wait for further advice.

If you hear a warning of an emergency incident, go indoors, close all windows and doors and tune into local radio for further advice.

Co-operate with the emergency services fully. They are there to help. Stay calm and listen to their instructions if you are evacuated from your home for any reason.