About the South Wales Local Resilience Forum

South Wales Local Resilience Forum (SWLRF) was established as a requirement of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and provides the principle mechanism for multi-agency co-operation at the local level, bringing together all the organisations who have a duty to co-operate under the Civil Contingencies Act, along with others who would be involved in the response to any major emergency.


Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, we have a legal duty to identify potential risks to local communities in the South Wales Police area. The risks identified fall broadly into the categories of natural events, human diseases, animal diseases, major accidents and malicious attacks such as metal or cable theft. This is called a Community Risk Register.

The Community Risk Register helps emergency planners from different organisations to work together to prioritise, plan and respond to these risks should they occur.

If a risk is included in the Community Risk Register, it does not mean it will happen.

It means we know it is a possibility, and we have made arrangements to reduce its impact on the community and environment.

The Community Risk Register only covers generic non-malicious events such as natural, health-related or industrial hazards, rather than threats such as terrorist incidents.

It is important that emergency planners from different organisations are prepared for emergencies, but it is also important that YOU are prepared.